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Centramatic Balancers

Centramic Balancers inEtobicoke, ON

When it comes to wheel balancing services, we pride ourselves on using the best balancing systems on the market: Centramatic. We provide Centramatic balancers to customers in Etobicoke, ON, Toronto, ON, Mississauga, ON, and other surrounding areas.

If there is an imbalance in the tire and wheel assembly, the tire will start to wobble as it rotates. This wobbling causes vibrations that will increase with speed. Ignoring the vibrations that come with tire imbalance can cause abnormal tire wear and put strain on suspension system components.

Centramatic is a Leader in Balancing Technology

Centramatic balancers use centrifugal force from rotation to automatically distribute free moving weights to offer a permanent solution to your vehicle’s balancing assembly. Centramatic balancers are mounted behind the wheel and automatically adjust as your vehicle drives.

Why We Use Centramatic Wheel Balancers

Centramatic wheel balancing systems in Etobicoke, ON:

  • Consistently increase tire life by 25%-50%.
  • Operate automatically and adjust instantly to changing conditions.
  • Solve vibration problems.
  • Help prevent tire cupping.
  • Cause tires to run 8%-10% cooler.

When you are ready for tire balancing, come to the pros at OK Tire Etobicoke. Our technicians are experts at installing Centramatic wheel balancers which will keep your vehicle riding smoothly at all times.

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